An introduction to our Founding Father and our ambitious Artist

Mao (left) & Dirk (right)

What do Jacky Chan, ice-hockey and the Playboy have in common? They tell something about the main protagonists of xSPECTAR. As promised, our introduction to our Founder Dirk and our Lead Artist Mao! These gentlemen are the driving force behind xSPECTAR. With their combined expertise and experience, they are destined to make xSPECTAR a successful project on the XRP Ledger.

Meet the men behind xSPECTAR!

A word from our Founding Father Dirk


Hi everyone,

My name is Dirk and I was Born in Belgium. I am an avid chess player, an ice-hockey addict and a former Law and History student. I am a serial Entrepreneur with over 20 years of executive experience leading multiple companies in CEO positions.

Prior to becoming a crypto investor and NFT fanatic, I founded several successful companies in Property Development and Real Estate with activities in Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain and Italy. After a while, I went on to specialize myself in Legal and Financial matters. I was focused on Private Equity and international share-takeover deals, serving as a neutral partner for negotiations between buyers and sellers.

After diving into blockchain technology and into the world of NFT’s, I have connected with the XRP Ledger community by investing in leading projects including the xPUNKS project. Convinced with the technology and fueled by the advantages of the XRPL, I always wanted to give back to the community and launch my own project. I work hard to deliver and right now I am building xSPECTAR. The project is my passion and obsession!

As a true perfectionist and firm believer of collectives, I united a group of seasoned professionals and experts to kick off .xSPECTAR. Now I am looking forward to making xSPECTAR the greatest innovative virtual economy on the XRP Ledger!

Some fun facts about me: I am a straight up wine and food lover. Sometimes a passionate hobby chef and I will always have a guilty pleasure for cars — be it buying, admiring or even working on them.

Under the visionary eye of Dirk, the team initiated a concept brainstorm with 3D human-like NFTs driven by utility directly from his business experience. Combining that with a superior team of Web3, Metaverse and Gaming Specialists, .xSPECTAR have started to build a unique project seeking to bridge real life businesses, exclusivity, gamification & P2E in the Metaverse. Pre-financing the project with personal funding, according to him, has always been a priority to ensure investors were truly inspired by the project fundamentals and vision. We can only imagine what the future brings us…

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A word from our ambitious Artist Mao


Hi there xSPECTAR community!

I will quickly introduce myself, my name is Mao. I am a Dutch, self-motivated, ambitious, and performance-focused Entrepreneur and founder of REBLIKA. We are a Character company, with a vision to become the world’s leading Character company.

A little bit about my business: REBLIKA is all about providing a unique experience. We are focused on providing avatars and 3D scanning services to organizations with an emphasis on delivering unique and highly realistic digital humans. We aim to supply a perfect combination of superior service quality with our 20+ years of experience. Today REBLIKA has clients all around the world, from Fashion and Film companies to Tech companies.

Some fun facts about me: I have worked with Jacky Chan, a character made by my company made it into the Playboy and I have worked at Sony/Guerilla games.

I am extremely passionate about the future of web3. Whatever the future holds, I am ready. I was born ready.

His work for Terre des Hommes’ Sweetie campaign has been rewarded with twelve golden lions and the Grand Prix for Good at the Cannes Lions International Festival for Creativity, the equivalent of the Oscars for the communication industry.

In his spare time, Mao creates hyper-realistic portraits of existing and non-existent people. This exhibition is the first part of a series of portraits in which he explores the boundaries of realism and beauty.

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One of the characters created by REBLIKA that made it into the Playboy (left), Mao with Jacky Chan (right)

What’s next?

The core vision of crypto and Web3 is the development of a decentralized and permissionless native digital economy that is open to all. And we are here to contribute to that vision and make it a reality.

With these visionaries behind xSPECTAR we are ready for the future, xSPECT us!

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