Introduction The xSPECTACULAR Show is a live podcast hosted by xSPECTAR each Monday starting at 10 am EST / 4 pm CET. Each episode has three different segments with a duration of 60 minutes each. We aim to gather the most knowledgeable, engaging, experienced or controversial speakers for each segment. As xSPECTAR is an XRPL native company, we will use this …

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xSPECTAR XS Lock program

For the past three months, we partnered with StaykX to facilitate so-called soft-staking to our community members. Even though we greatly appreciated working with StaykX, we have decided not to continue this partnership. xSPECTAR is building an immersive ecosystem, and with the team of in-house developers we onboarded the past few months, we will provide the …

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New xSPECTAR Listing: SWFT Blockchain.

xSPECTAR is thrilled to announce our official partnership with SWFT Blockchain, a cross-chain swap aggregator combining blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to support all significant public blockchains. They support 400+ cryptocurrencies, including $XRP, NFT trading platforms and projects. This partnership is an important milestone enabling our community’s seamless user experience! Cross-chain swap enables interoperability between two blockchains, allowing users to seamlessly …

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xSPECTAR vs. ArcadeX

We are excited to announce a new partnership with ArcadeX! Since starting from a gaming Telegram group, the evolution of ArcadeX has seen it grow into a company developing games on the XRPL. Despite their growth and success, they continue to host weekly and monthly game competitions in their original telegram group and soon releasing their first game, which …

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xSPECTAR Listing on MEXC

xSPECTAR Listing on MEXC We are thrilled to announce this listing! Starting tomorrow, 08/08/2022, xSPECTAR (XSPECTAR) will be listed on the MEXC exchange with yet another USDT pair. As of now, you will be able to deposit XSPECTAR on your MEXC account and trading will commence 08/08/2022 12.00 PM (UTC). Together with MEXC, we will host 3 …

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The Story of xSPECTAR

Welcome to xSPECTAR, founded on April first, 2022. Only three months old and reaching a year’s worth of milestones successfully. Join us as we deep dive into our journey thus far. xSPECTAR is the bridge between the real and digital world. An exclusive society that protects your equity, currencies, tokens and assets on the XRP …

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