Introducing the open Metaverse, xSPECTARverse, a network of interconnected 3D worlds powered by Epic's Unreal Engine 5.​

Unleashing the unlimited potential for businesses, brands, and users to gather and participate in immersive experiences with stunning hyper-realism, and a seamless in-game economy.​

unreal engine
Leading with Innovation

We’re integrating multiple blockchains into xSPECTARverse, starting with XRPL. Fuel Stack acts as Payment Gateway for xSPECTAR, unlocking multichain innovation.

XRP Ledger provides users powerful benefits: ultra-low transaction fees, ultra-fast processing, high scalability, and carbon neutrality.

xSPECTAR is focused on cutting-edge technology, we maintain a full and validator node for XRPL, in addition to a FLARE FTSO. We believe in multichain, interoperability innovation. The future is chain-agnostic.

Bitmap Island Land sales

Bitmap Island our unique addition outside of xSPECTAR World, separate from the 88,888 Land plots, inspired by the original Bitcoin.

Limited to 3,552 Bitmaps, owning one enables you to build and travel to and from this exciting location in xSPECTARverse.

Bitmap Island Land Sale Is LIVE