The Story of xSPECTAR

Welcome to xSPECTAR, founded on April first, 2022.

Only three months old and reaching a year’s worth of milestones successfully.

Join us as we deep dive into our journey thus far.

xSPECTAR is the bridge between the real and digital world. An exclusive society that protects your equity, currencies, tokens and assets on the XRP Ledger.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to build the most innovative virtual economy in the world. We’re building this by providing our members an exclusive metaverse environment to meet, access business ventures, and monetize their membership through collaboration.

Our vision is to develop an ecosystem with a membership-based society bridging real-life extension into the digital world.

What’s in it for you?

Why should xSPECTAR be on your radar? Imagine an exclusive society, a unique world that you are a member of.

With your custom made avatar, you explore this metaverse, visit and auction rare digital art and NFTs and even develop your own properties. Most importantly, you can meet like-minded people and access business opportunities.

As we say, xSPECT a lot from us.

Who we are

xSPECTAR is founded by seasoned experts with diverse backgrounds: real-estate, law, finances, gambling, art and IT. What binds us is a strong interest in blockchain technology. We have joined our strengths to create a specialty Web3 project in the metaverse realm.

We aim to become the most innovative project within the blockchain space. Our level of ambition calls for some impressive milestones.

Three months after the founding of xSPECTAR, we have successfully delivered:

Our Milestones

4–4–2022 | TLD .xspectar

We obtained the Top Level Domain name .xpectar

16–4–2022 | Website

Our website goes live.

24–4–2022 | Presenting the founding team

Dirk (Founder/CEO) and Mao (Lead Artist) are both doxxed.

Dirk is the founder of xSPECTAR. A serial entrepreneur and CEO of several companies, this XRPL visionary venture capitalist has whale status in several XRPL projects and presents a dynamic display for innovation.

Mao is the Artist of leading design at xSPECTAR. He is an industry expert and CEO of a leading avatar software company specializing in 3D digital human art, fashion, tech and NFTs. Additionally, Mao has won multiple international awards with a team that has worked on numerous Hollywood productions.

25–4–2022 | The launch of our ‘Fair Launch’ IDO.

xSPECTAR chose to do an IDO (Initial Dex Offering because we believe that this is a fair way to conduct a token sale. The IDO allowed us to give direct and equal access to all investors. The aim was to create a first-come-first-serve process where people received an opportunity to buy tokens in a chronological order.

Our native token is $XSPECTAR. This is our utility-driven token that will be used within the entire ecosystem of xSPECTAR. The first batch of 8.888.888 $XSPECTAR was sold at 0.08 $XRP to reward our early adopters.

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27–4–2022 | Twitter Verification.

The first XRPL project to officially be verified on Twitter, a huge milestone for credibility in the space.

29–4–2022 | David Schwartz gives xSPECTAR some love.

This wasn’t exactly on our roadmap… but we loved it that David Schwartz (CTO of Ripple) appreciated our amazing art when we shared his avatar on Twitter.


1–5–2022 | The day we gave away a yacht tour.

As one commenter said: “This level of giveaway has never happened before on the XRPL.”

On May 1st we announced that the buyer with the largest order of $XSPECTAR in 48 hours would receive:

– a yacht experience to Ibiza for one day

– including fuel, food, drinks and crew

– for him/her and 5 guests

48 hours later, we informed the lucky winner who wished to stay anonymous.

14–5–2022 | SHO time! The launch of our Strong Holder Offering (SHO).

This is a fundraising mechanism, similar to a private sale, where individuals are chosen based on how many tokens they would like to buy.

The SHO enabled xSPECTAR to attract big agents and participants who align with the long-term success of the project and mission.

Individuals who chose to participate in the SHO were able to acquire an amount of XSPECTAR tokens for a discounted price.

About 3.5 million XRP was raised in the IDO and SHO together.

15–5–2022 | xSPECTAR’s Times Square moment.

Our digital agents took over the billboard at Times Square. 360,000 daily visitors got a taste of our art and vision for the future.

20–5–2022 | 20K Twitter followers

xSPECTAR is starting to get noticed. The momentum is building.

Fun fact: we reached 10K followers just nine days post launch and the time of writing we have already crossed 30K followers even.

26–5–2022 | Our validator goes live.

On this day, we announced that we launched our validator. This happened after completing the process of setting up our own xSPECTAR nodes to support the XRP Ledger. Click here to learn more about this.

31–5–2022 | Trading starts on Bitrue

$XSPECTAR goes live on Bitrue, a well-known platform for buying, selling and storing digital currencies.

2–6–2022 | Trademark filing

Filing trademark registration for our logo and name in the European Union, U.S.A., China, Japan, India and Great Britain.

6–6–2022 | Price tracking platforms

$XSPECTAR goes live on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap, two of the most advanced price tracking platforms.

11–6–2022 | The Launch party

xSPECTAR launch party. No event launch is complete without a good party.

On June 11th a group of artists, visionaries and pioneers gathered at World top 100 Club Versuz in Belgium for an invite-only special event with top DJ’s.

It truly was the event of the year.

16–6–2022 | Dirk his Twitter verified

CEO & Founder Dirk gets his Twitter profile verified

17–6–2022 | Trading starts on Bitmart

xSPECTAR goes live on Bitmart, a renowned cryptocurrency trading platform.

19–6–2022 | DS meets CZ

Our founder and CEO Dirk Schepens meets Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance.

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When two pioneers finally meet

21–6–2022 | Collab with VerseX

xSPECTAR and VerseX collaboration to reward users mutually.

We were thrilled to announce our collaboration with VerseX, an upcoming immersive virtual and mixed reality metaverse built on the XRP Ledger. Click here to read more about this collaboration.

27–6–2022 | Stayking enabled

xSPECTAR goes live on StaykX.

StaykX is a platform for the self-custody staking of XRPL assets. By holding tokens that are compatible with the StaykX platforms staking pools, you can accrue interest on those tokens daily.

Our Future

The milestones you just read about have been accomplished in three months.

Imagine our future growth in three years. Exciting, isn’t it?

This year, we will continue to build our world and our community. This means the launch of an NFT Art Gallery and a Virtual Clubhouse.

Moreover, we believe that avatars are the heart of our ecosystem. In Q3/Q4 of 2022 we will launch the BETA Avatar Creation software.

And after that? The sky is the limit in our metaverse.

How about a digital real estate agency and a complete entertainment platform? A true bridge between your dreams and reality?

xSPECT it.