Utility and use cases of xSPECTAR

Before we dive into our token and ecosystem, we want to share a note from our team with you:

“Dear loyal agents,

What an incredible start, we’re blown away by the support we’ve received. You, as a community, have made our wildest dreams come true. To witness this community growing and truly believing in the xSPECTAR vision, is simply amazing. We value your positivity and are thrilled to be given the opportunity to build in this space . Therefore we, as team xSPECTAR, want to thank all of you. Thank you for making this possible!”


If you’re asking yourself “what in the world happened here?”, please keep reading. Here is a summary of our highlights and progress, so far xSPECTAR has:

  • more than tripled our following base on twitter in 23 days
  • sold a total amount of 17,777,776 XSPECTAR in less than 10 days
  • been recognized by some of the biggest names in the XRP community
  • been privileged to welcome so many new aspiring faces into our community

Pretty amazing, right?

As pleasing as the positive start has been thus far, we do not intend on slowing down anytime soon.

We are building the foundation for tomorrow and are motivated to realize what we hold as a vision: to build the biggest metaverse on the XRP Ledger.

Building and maintaining a metaverse requires a strong team, talented developers and a clear vision. Much like any project in the real world.

This article will highlight some of the innovative features being built for our virtual economy, with the sole purpose of giving the community a better understanding of the multiple dimensions the xSPECTAR team is working on. Let’s begin!


The token plays an integral role in our ecosystem, it is a key functioning element of our virtual economy. Our token, XSPECTAR (note the capital X in front), has multiple use cases to stimulate our virtual economy. Firstly, an agent (our reference for a community member), requires to be holding at least 8,888 XSPECTAR tokens to enable NFT purchasing. It’s worth noting that the price of an NFT is not 8,888, this is simply the sum required in the wallet to unlock purchasing power.

The token utility enables the purchase of our NFTs, art from our virtual auction house to purchase digital art and it enables the purchase of property in our virtual real estate environment. The token can also be used for recreational and entertainment purposes including in our gaming house and to earn tokens in our play-2-earn environment. Finally, agents can purchase our merchandise using the native tokens.


Our NFTs or, as we like to call them, “special agents” serve as an exclusive multi-purpose membership pass inside our virtual economy. As our whitepaper states: “Each xSPECTAR NFT is a unique agent and your ultimate access ticket”. The NFTs are high-quality 3D characters made by the award-winning character company REBLIKA. The specific membership and access advantages will be made available once XLS-20 standard is released (a standard that will enable users to develop NFT applications on the XRP Ledger with advanced features and thus of great importance to our NFT ecosystem).

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One of our special agents


Our entire virtual environment will be built with Unreal Engine 5, showcasing clean aesthetics as well as providing interactive and visual advantages.

“Unreal Engine enables game developers and creators across industries to realize next-generation real-time 3D content and experiences with greater freedom, fidelity, and flexibility than ever before”

Unreal Engine

One of the environments that will be created with Unreal Engine will be our virtual art gallery and auction house for NFTs and digital art. Here an agent can curate and collect NFTs as well as art. Moreover, we want to build an environment where artists, art enthusiasts and collectors can unite including exclusive 1/1 collections with collaborating artists.

We are building a NFT collection exclusive to xSPECTAR and its members. Our members will also be the owners of the exclusive collection. We will hold art contests, where xSPECTAR will function as an incubator to help kickstart beginner artists. A native xSPECTAR NFT will be required as an entry ticket to the gallery. In addition, with the NFT, holders will have buying rights without % fee. Last but definitely not least, the cherry on top will be the fact that we will be opening a real life XRPL NFT art gallery.


Our avatars are all unique and hyper-realistic characters, thanks to our partnership with REBLIKA. xSPECTAR avatars will be playable characters in our virtual environment developed in the Unreal Engine 5. In our virtual environment, holders of an avatar will have access to shops and clinics in our metaverse and are able to further personalize their characters by changing appearance and/or adding accessories. We are currently looking into partnering up with luxury brands, to be continued…


Behind every aspect of xSPECTAR there are seasoned specialists governing a field. Our Founding Father, Dirk, is an experienced real estate professional and plans on transferring his knowledge and expertise to the metaverse (read our last article to get an in-depth insight about Dirk). Hence, in our metaverse real estate environment, we will give all holders the ability to become a real estate agent and generate income. Agents will be given the opportunity to sell properties in the xSPECTAR metaverse and earn bonuses from successful sales. Of course, everything that’s required to facilitate this will also be arranged, think of your own office, a training program and networking events just like in the real world.


Our game, also built in Unreal Engine 5, will be an innovative play-to-earn gaming environment. We have extensive plans for launching our own gaming platform and adding our gaming environment as a strategic utility on the map. We are still developing this environment and thereby limited to details but we endeavor to over-deliver, as always.

Recreational playing environment

A metaverse recreational playing environment is a place where agents can play adult games like in Las Vegas. Some of the profits out of this environment will be shared with our agents and all games are required to be played with our native token. Due to the regulations and laws around this topic, we are diligent with our messaging at this current stage. We have hired a legion of law advisors, because better be safe than sorry with the sensitivity regarding these facets. .


Our merchandise is our pride. Agents, fans, your family and friends — everyone will have the opportunity to buy our branded clothing, collectibles, hard wallets and other desired physical items. Raising brand awareness and giving the community a way to show their pride, our merch will connect xSPECTAR enthusiasts around the whole world.

We hope that after reading this article you have a better understanding of xSPECTAR’s vision. We have a mighty list of deliverables in our pipeline and are ready to rumble! Just getting started — xSPECT US.

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