What is xSPECTAR and what could you xSPECT from it?


An Introduction

Non-Fungible Tokens, also known as NFTs… These unique crypto tokens situated on blockchains are among the biggest trends currently on the planet. Out of nowhere they came, almost formed out of thin air. Minted for the first time in 2014, these non-fungible phenomena are making quite a name for themselves by attracting large sums of money. And that is all great, however a lot of things have changed since 2014. Where Ethereum used to be the only supplier of NFTs as we know them today one can find NFTs in several blockchains right now, for instance: Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche and XRP Ledger.

Fun Fact: the XRP Ledger was the first blockchain to support the NFT standard back in 2014. But it was a simplistic standard and a proof of concept. Right now, with the brand new XLS-20 standard there will be advanced NFTs on XRPL with many functions and unique features like automatic royalties that don’t exist on the other chains and Ethereum’s popular ERC-721 standard.”

NFTs will be an important part of the Web3 & crypto economy. They are basically digital assets that represent a certificate of ownership on the internet. This is a technological breakthrough that puts power and economic control back into the hands of digital creators and pushes forward the internet’s next evolution.

So after this short introduction you are still hanging with the big question, what the hell is xSPECTAR?


xSPECTAR is the Xclusive Society for the Protection of your Equity, Currencies, Tokens, Assets and Realty on the XRPL. We are a pioneering NFT project that will form itself on the upcoming XLS-20 standard. Founded by seasoned experts across a range of industries, our diverse team showcase a background in Real-estate, Law, Finances, Gambling, Art and IT; with mutual interests in blockchain technology. We have joined forces to bring the xSPECTAR vision to life by creating a specialty web3 project in the metaverse realm. Our passion is to share our business experiences, networks and successes with the members of the society with the power of blockchain technology. We strive to lead and transform by becoming the most innovative project within the space.

“Yeahh right”

Do you understand now? Alright alright, you heard this “before” and if we did not already impressed you with our extensive and exquisite vocabulary fine. We are not here to impress after all. You see, our mission is to build the most innovative virtual economy by giving our members an exclusive environment to meet, access business ventures in the metaverse, and the ability to monetize their membership through collaboration. It is actually quite straightforward and we are planning to transform our promises into actions with our highly skilled and diverse team like we stated earlier.


Our vision is to develop an exclusive ecosystem with a membership-based society bridging real-life extension into the digital world.

Imagine a virtual art gallery, an auction house for rare NFTs and digital art, unique custom avatars for the metaverse, virtual property development (yes, virtual real estate), launch of our own gaming platform, merch and a metaverse casino.

That sounds visionary right? Right. Now since we have left you with more questions than you came before we will help you with making a wise decision: follow us and do not lose xSPECTAR out of sight. xSPECT us.

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