xspectar NFTs

Designed by award-winning digital artist Mao Lin Liao, the xSPECTAR NFTs combine beautiful, hyper-realistic art with unique metaverse utility.

Our 8,888 ‘Genesis Collection’ Agent NFTs sold out in the presale stage in the fall of 2022 and currently trade on numerous secondary markets.

88 3D ‘Crown Council’ NFTs provide owners further utility and a chance to be among the most exclusive club on the XRP Ledger.

The DS Private Collection offers 888 of the “most stunningly beautiful” NFTs available to mankind. This humorous collection also gives holders rights to vote on charitable donations.

  • #1 non-derivative collection
  • One of the highest volume collections on the XRPL
  • Largest self funded and grown collection
  • The most collaborative project on XRPL to date


The holders of an xSPECTAR NFT from the Genesis Collection will gain access to several enhancements and advantages within the metaverse ecosystem. Some of these advantages include:

  • Early selection of land plot locations within the xSPECTARVERSE
  • Access to dedicated xSPECTAR worlds and buildings in the Metaverse
  • First access to new functionalities and offerings
  • Exclusive access to the xSPECTAR ecosystem
  • And more...

The NFT Collections

The Crown Council

88 stunning 3D agents giving holders access to the most exclusive club within the XRPL.

The Genesis Collection

The flagship NFTs of xSPECTAR. 8,888 hyper-realistic agents combining beauty and utility.

The DS Private Collection

A fun and limited collection of NFTs providing humor and additional utility within the xSPECTARVERSE.

The Genesis Collection

The NFTs from the Genesis Collection were designed by digital artist Mao Lin Liao, a Dutch entrepreneur specializing in hyper-realistic human renderings. He has won several prestigious awards for his work. The collection consists of 8,888 unique avatars, 50% female and 50% male.

  • Genesis collection - SOLD OUT
  • DS Collection - SOLD OUT
  • Top 3 All-Time Volume XRPL NFT Project
8,888 Agents

Collection size


Unique traits

The 88 Crown Council Collection

The 88 Crown Council NFTs were originally gifted to the top 88 holders of presale Genesis Collection NFTs. Now traded with one of the highest floor prices of any XRPL NFT, holding this NFT gives access to exclusive real-life events and future utility within the xSPECTARVERSE.

88 Special Agents

Collection size


Unique traits

DS Private Collection

Bringing humor to the xSPECTAR community, the DS Private Collection are 888 of the ‘most stunningly beautiful works of art man has ever seen.’ Holding an NFT from this tongue-in-cheek collection gives additional utility within the xSPECTAR ecosystem as well as voting rights on future charitable donations.

888 Private Agents

Collection size


Unique traits

964 Unique traits

Our Genesis Collection NFTs have a total of 964 unique traits with a wide range of rarity scores. Displayed are all the trait categories and the number of traits that fall into each category.



The large majority of the 8,888 xSPECTAR Genesis Collection NFTs were offered in a public pre-mint sale (sold out to early participants) with the remainder retained for strategic project usage. These NFTs are now accessed on several secondary markets, including the native xSPECTAR marketplace.

xSPECTAR NFT allocation

7111 NFT Sales
444 Private sales
222 Team
222 Give aways
888 Treasury
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Buy XSpectar NFTs

Our native xSPECTAR marketplace provides access to buy and sell xSPECTAR NFTs with zero platform trading fees. Browse Genesis, Crown Council, and DS Private Collection and sort via traits and rarities.