xSPECTAR has selected the efficient and robust XRP Ledger as the blockchain to transact the native XSPECTAR token and NFTs. Our vision is to work toward chain agnosticism and incorporate various other blockchains onto an immersive and truly inclusive platform.

XRP LedgeR

Operating since 2012 and closing over 70 million ledgers without incident, the XRP Ledger is a next-generation blockchain that also offered the very first inherent decentralized exchange. XSPECTAR is proud to utilize this open-source, permissionless software and to operate nodes to contribute to its already-impressive stability.

XSPECTAR HARDWARE The power of nodes

Our Full History Node

By operating an XRP Ledger full history node, xSPECTAR contributes to the health and wellness of our ecosystem's blockchain. This node keeps a full record of the entire transaction history of the XRP Ledger and aids in the security and reliability of the network.

Our Validator Node

By operating an XRP Ledger validator node, xSPECTAR is supporting the function of the open-source, decentralized technology that we are also benefiting from. Due to our reliability and uptime, our node has been selected by the XRPL Foundation to be included in their 'Unique Node List' recommendation.


In the true xSPECTAR spirit of chain agnosticism and inclusivity, our project operates a Flare Time Stamp Oracle (FTSO) for Flare Networks, a decentralized smart contract platform that aims to bring interoperability to different blockchain networks. FTSO is a decentralized service that provides accurate time-stamping for various blockchains. The FTSO provides an essential service, as time-stamping is a critical component of many blockchain applications. With FTSO, developers can build new applications that require accurate time-stamping, such as decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces, and more.