xSPECTAR Tournament: 8 Agent Missions!

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One week from now on the 12th of July, we begin a major tournament consisting of 8 special missions! During these missions, we will not only test your knowledge of xSPECTAR, but your personal creativity.

Now that the crypto markets are down, we are determined to do something fun for our community. Behind the scenes, we are working very hard on our metaverse, starting out with the Art Gallery. Did you know that we have approximately 30 professionals working full-time to complete the build and ensure smooth delivery? In the coming months, we expect to increase this to about 70 talented developers that are fully dedicated to building our metaverse.

This will allow us to build and scale efficiently, but given the type of work involved, it’s difficult to showcase the progress on a weekly basis, however, we endeavor to update you progressively. Nevertheless, we still want to keep you all involved and that is why we have created this interactive tournament!

The first one will start in 7 days from now and this first mission will be an Invite Contest!

So get your social media ready, read up on everything you can about xSPECTAR and get the creative juices flowing because we have some amazing prizes for the winners of this tournament!

Prize pool:

  • A private video call with our founder Dirk
  • 88,880 XSPECTAR tokens
  • 3 NFT’s
  • 5 xSPECTAR brandend ledgers (hardware wallet)

8 Different missions

  • The second mission is an xSPECTAR quiz where agents will have to answer 8 questions about our project.
  • This third mission involves a ‘close-up-guess’ mission in which 8 of our NFT’s will be displayed and our agents will have to guess who they are.
  • The fourth mission is a community favorite and a crypto must-have: a meme contest! Agents will need to keep the creativity flowing because: The fifth mission will ask them to come up with new missions. The winner of this mission will actually be used for the last mission of this tournament!
  • Next up, the sixth mission is the backstory writing contest, agents will need to pick an avatar (agent) they write/produce a back-story for.
  • The final mission our agents are required to take a photo of our xSPECTAR logo at the most unique location possible!

How to join the tournament

Do you want to take part in this tournament and WIN big prizes? Make sure you have joined our Discord because that is where it’s all happening!

We look forward to getting started! The tournament will last for two months with each mission taking a few days to a week to complete. .